System consultancy as a success factor

VERMOP customer REIWAG Facility Services Létesítménygazdálkodási Kft., Hungary, values the close cooperation in premises fitting. The following  pages reflect on the experiences the customer has made with us as manufacturer.

Often, cleaning is seen as a business involving simple, easy-to-determine tasks. We, on the other hand, as active participants in this system, know the importance of good organisation and corresponding professional preparation. But we realise that all this is futile when there is no corresponding technical or technological background. We consider it extraordinarily significant that VERMOP does not simply sell products and technologies.

VERMOP as a partner for service and consulting

We value VERMOP as a service partner and consultant offering us specific problem solutions on location. That’s why we regularly call in our colleagues from VERMOP to do a tour of the site, because it is also in our interests to introduce and apply new technologies. This is so important because, while customer satisfaction is our top priority, we are forced to work ever more cost-effectively in order to hold ourown in a tightly-fought market.

Often the old saying proves true that it is not always the cheap product that is the most economical solution. When we evaluate the VERMOP products across the board, we have to say that the professional support goes hand-in-hand with durable innovative products.

Clean 250.000m² of carpet quickly, effectively and efficiently

Day by day, we vacuum clean an area of over 250,000 m² of carpeting. This is why it was so important to us to find a product with which this task could be performed quickly and effectively. The Jetvac convinced us in testing with its constant strong suction and its manoeuvrability in small spaces and areas with lots of furniture. A further advantage in daily cleaning practice was provided by the traction relief and the easily-replaced cable. Equipped with a turbo nozzle, the Jetvac is the ideal appliance for dealing with the work quickly and effectively. Its introduction allowed us to reduce the hours worked while increasing effectiveness.

In many of our premises, large glass and window areas have to be cleaned. Here we successfully use the TopLock window cleaning system to work ergonomically and fast with streak-free results.

In addition, VERMOP offered the possibility of having the mop printed with our company logo, giving it that individual touch. Our Equipe cleaning trolley, too, bears our logo and advertises our company every day in the premises being cleaned.

Variable implementation of Equipe cleaning trolley system for different needs 

The REIWAG Kft. customer group extends from the banking sector – from smallest branches to headquarters – and on to a range of offices and large retail chains and industrial premises. It can be taken for granted that, together with VERMOP, we put together a selection of the cleaning appliances suitable for the size of the premises in question, whether it was the small and compact Wringboy bucket with integrated wringer or the large Equipe trolley. Thanks to the variable nature of the Equipe System, this trolley could be adapted to every premises and to all our different requirements.

Important is a professional appearance at the customer

For many of the surfaces which we – a subsidiary of the Austrian company REIWAG GmbH – have to clean every day, and in the premises we look after, it was not only the choice of the relevant technology but also the external appearance of the products which played a role. In this respect too, we have found an ideal partner in VERMOP. With the individually-planned, covered Equipe cleaning trolley, we have achieved a professional appearance too. Last but not least, we are able to ensure the perfect presentation of the REIWAG Group in all countries.

Thanks to the cooperation with VERMOP, and the cleaning systems we have developed together, we were able to live up to the claim, "simply saving and remaining effective".

Source: REIWAG Facility Services Létesítménygazdálkodási Kft.

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