Equipe® System

  1. New universal holder

    For disinfectant bottles complying with the European standard (500 and 1000 ml). Made of aluminium.

  2. New lock concept

    With central locking.

  3. Optimised wheels

    Closed and therefore easy to clean, smooth running and premium.

  4. New foot pedal

    For no-touch and hygienic working.

  5. New driving handle

    Height-adjustable at the touch of a button. Also in combination with handle holders.

  6. Scandic X Toolbox

    Flexible, ergonomic, extremely space-saving and thoroughly proven in practice: Of course, the reworked Scandic X Toolbox is also on board.

  7. Retractable bucket

    For 3 x 8 or 4 x 6 litre. Also available with panning lid.

  8. New mop rest

    Sturdy, no rough edges, easy to clean.

  9. New rubber handle holder

    Secure grip, fast and comfortable handling.

  10. New waste management

    With three different compartmentalisation options, also colourcoded.

At a glance

  • Flexible configuration

    Maximum flexibility in the configuration of your modular cleaning trolley.

  • Highest load capacity

    Up to 50 % greater load capacity than conventional cleaning trolley.

  • Professional appearance

    With or without panelling, in your corporate design – The look to suit your style.

  • Height-adjustable functions

    The height-adjustable functions can be adapted simply and quickly for ergonomic work.


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Product description

Equipe is practically made for you – and always tailored exactly to your requirements. Because you put the individual assembly together for yourself. You select differently-sized base plates from the modular building-block system and combine them firmly with one another in Plug & Play. Equipe is more than just a cleaning trolley – it is a rolling cleaning headquarters. The construction with smooth surfaces and the drawer-like alignment of the containers makes optimum use of space: You always have everything with you, cutting out unnecessary trips. We would be pleased to help you with the configuration of your own ideal Equipe cleaning trolley.

Application area

  • Disinfectant cleaning, e.g. in hospitals, nursing homes.
  • School and office cleaning
  • All premises in which waste has to be separated and transported
  • Adaptable to almost all requirements and every premises

Methods - Modules


The Equipe can be adapted to every body height. This increases staff efficiency – and motivation. For example with the height-adjustable driving handle. The flexible traverse system brings containers for quick access to just the right working height. Specially-selected, high-quality materials ensure the low weight of the Equipe. Even fully loaded, the trolley is easy to operate and navigate with little exertion.


In the unique Equipe drawer system, boxes can be inserted and filled – or a bucket or other container placed in the boxes. Depending on the working height, you can also hang the bucket onto the trolley. All dimensions are coordinated and the elements can be easily removed for cleaning. The drawer system ensures that every inch of the loading space can be used. You get up to 50% more load volume. The boxes are inserted and removed again simply and quickly.

For maximum flexibility in loading, use the Equipe Multiwand.

Equipe Multiwand

The Equipe with Multiwand offers maximum flexibility and is particularly suited to premises with changing requirements in terms of cleaning and material transport. The 17 insertion positions of the Multiwand permit different arrangements of boxes and buckets, just as required – simple, fast and without tools. Thanks to its compatibility, the Equipe Multiwand can be combined with all Equipe modules, such as extension plates or covers.

Download product information as PDF


The modular concept enables requirement specificconfiguration of the Equipe trolley.



Various textures are available for the paneling; Door handles and bumpers combine in one of the basic colors.

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