Sprint® System

  1. Loop & Cut

    Cut outer fringes are recommended for rough surfaces and skirting boards. Loop fringes ideally lift the dirt.

  2. Dry pre-cleaning with cloth

    To facilitate pre-cleaning in order to remove loose dirt, fleece cloths can be wrapped around the holder and clipped on.

  3. Inherently stable mop pocket

    The opening on the upper side of the Sprint holder allows the dosed washing liquid to be poured directly onto the mop cover.

  4. Manoeuvrable and fast

    Thanks to the highly mobile joint and the low weight, the holder moves easily around all kinds of obstacles.

  5. Very good cleaning performance

    The contact surface of the holder is optimised to achieve even mopping results.

  6. Comfortable attachment

    The equal-sided holder allows for the mop to be attached simply and quickly.

  7. Hygienic

    Soiled mops can be discarded without being touched.

  8. Energy saving

    Combined with the Scandic telescopic handle with rotating ball, the holder glides over the floor with ease.

At a glance

  • Simple attachment

    Easy insertion of the holder into the pouches of the mop thanks to the V shape

  • Ergonomic working

    Hand-switch opening of the holder and mop discarding while standing upright

  • Hygienic

    No touching of soiled mops when discarding

  • Spotless cleaning results

    Optimum contact of the holder for very good dirt removal

  • Fast, labour-saving work

    Extremely manoeuvrable and smooth-running holder


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Product description

The new Generation Sprint V flat mop holder guarantees dual time saving for daily use. Your cleaning staff can attach mops faster than ever before; thanks to the holder’s V shape, it slips smoothly into the pouches of the mop. A further benefit is that new staff do not have to be trained specially! The holder also contributes to greater square meter coverage in premises cleaning as it is particularly light and manoeuvrable and allows a speedy mopping process, even in heavily-furnished areas.
Furthermore, with the Sprint V holder, you are also investing into your staff ’s back health. The holder is opened via a hand switch while the operator remains in an upright position and the mop is discarded hygienically without having to be touched. Bending down to lift up dirty mops is no longer necessary!
Of course you can also have complete confidence in the cleaning performance of the Sprint V. The optimised contact surface of the holder ensures even mopping and very good dirt removal. 

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Application area

  • General cleaning
  • Disinfectant cleaning
  • Wet cleaning
  • High degree of soiling

Focus on ergonomics and healthy backs

Around 4,000 times a year, the average cleaning operative bends over to lift a soiled mop off the floor. At the same time, back pain is the most frequent reason for medically-certified sick leave. It causes 7% of all lost working days.* This is why, in developing cleaning equipment, VERMOP focuses closely on methods of use which are easy on the back. Optimise the working conditions of your staff with the Sprint V holder! It is opened via a fi nger switch while the user remains upright and the soiled mop is discarded without bending.

*Source: Robert Koch-Institut (Hrsg) (2012) Rückenschmerzen. Gesundheitsberichterstattung des Bundes. Heft 53. RKI, Berlin (Robert Koch Institute (Ed) (2012) Back Pain. Government Health Report. Leaflet 53. RLK, Berlin)

Sprint Plus System

No-touch and hygienic wringing without having to take the mop off the holder. In addition to the conventional pockets, the Sprint Plus Mop comes with a strap which is inserted into the matching Sprint Plus holder.


Two different wringers are available for Sprint and for numerous other cleaning methods.



Choose between three holder versions.



Combine the Sprint holder with different covers in a variety of production and material variants – depending on intended purpose.



Complete your Sprint system e.g. with an ergonomic handle.

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