Textile Pads

  1. Dual use

    The pads are made of material with good cleaning properties on both sides.

  2. Powerful and long-lasting

    Thanks to careful workmanship and multiple seams.

  3. Optimum water absorption

    Thanks to absorbent plush core.

  4. Individual production

    At customer’s request, we manufacture to suit different drive plate sizes both with and without hole.

At a glance

  • Pad disks for machine-assisted floor cleaning

    Suitable for single-disk machines and scrubber dryers.

  • Very good cleaning properties with low level of chemical use

    Thanks to proven material qualities.

  • Durable and stable

    Thanks to core in plush material and multiple seams.

  • To suit almost all drive plates

    Available in different sizes and versions.


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Product description

The VERMOP textile pads for machine-assisted floor cleaning are available in the proven material qualities Blue, White Magic und Brush. VERMOP pads are distinguished by high performance and durability. An investment that pays off – with improved cleaning results with low levels of chemical use.

The pads feature textile material with good cleaning properties on both sides and are available both with and without hole. 

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Application area

  • Machine-assisted floor cleaning
  • Structured stone floors
  • Porcelain stoneware tiles
  • Safety tiles in kitchens, sanitation area and bathrooms

White Magic Pads




· High-quality microfibre plush for very good dirt removal
· Good water absorption


· Very good cleaning results on structured stone floors, ideally suited to porcelain stoneware tiles


· various sizes
· with and without hole

Blue Pads


Bristle material


· Abrasive material for optimum mechanical dirt removal
· Problem-solver for removing stubborn dirt


· Deeply structured stone floors, such as safety tiles in kitchens, sanitation facilities, bathrooms


· various sizes
· with and without hole

Brush Pads


Polyester/PA microfibre with bristle strip


· Outstanding dirt dissolving and dirt pick-up
· Bristle strips also clean crevices thoroughly


· Very well suited to structured stone floors and porcelain stoneware tiles


· various sizes
· with and without hole

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