Twixter® System

  1. Ergonomical and hygienic

    Upright attachment of the covers, fast and simple in six steps. Hygienic as no contact with mop.

  2. Double-sided mop

    One cover – two functions. Damp wipe with the blue side, turn the holder and wipe dry with the white side.

  3. Discard mops without bending

    By pressing the finger switch, the mop is discarded hygienically and without exertion.

  4. Manoeuvrable holder

    The handle joint attached to the outside makes work easier. A double joint means that the holder is particularly manoeuvrable e.g. for cleaning stairs.

  5. Rational

    Thanks to its two sides, you clean double the area with just one cover compared to conventional 40 cm floor wiping systems. Every second mop change is cut out - reducing transit and time.

At a glance

  • Wet and dry wiping with just one mop

    More efficient work with the unique Twixter double mop.

  • Clever and unique application options

    For example, Twixter wringer with Softpoint or Des tub for individual mop moistening.

  • Attachment and removal of the mop without bending

    Ergonomic work – hygienic as no skin contact.

  • Economical solution for all cleaning tasks

    High coverage and wide selection of covers.


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Product description

The superior concept of the Twixter cleaning system can be applied universally. It offers a functional, ecologically and ergonomically convincing and technically reliable solution for all surfaces. Cleverly-designed right down to the last detail, Twixter optimises your work processes. With the double-sided cover, you can complete wet and dry wiping in just one operation. Every second cover change is cut out; furniture no longer has to be moved. This cuts down on ground covered in transit, on time and on washing costs.

Application area

  • General cleaning and disinfectant cleaning
  • 1-step and 2-step cleaning
  • Ideal for hospitals and nursing homes
  • Daily cleaning – wiping floors dry to make them accessible again quickly

Twix 30 cm system – small holder making a big impact

For small, heavily-furnished areas in particular, VERMOP has launched the double mop system with a reduced working width of 30 cm. The Twix 30 cm halter features all the advantages of the large version such as no-touch rinsing, wringing and discarding of the mop. 

With Twix, floor wiping becomes easy and simple. The compact, nifty holder glides over the floor and reaches easily into corners and crevices. So you clean small and heavily-furnished areas such as shops, WC facilities or kitchenettes quickly and effortlessly. In combination with the wide range of covers for the different floor coverings, Twix 30 cm guarantees outstanding cleaning results.

The Twix 30 cm system can be ideally combined with the Shopster cleaning trolley and the Twix wringer. Information on the Shopster system can be found here.

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