Equipe® System

  1. Clear arrangement

    Thanks to the clear arrangement, the operator always has a complete overview and the volume of the cleaning trolley is used perfectly.

  2. Individual working height

    Tall people place the bucket in the upper box, people of medium height hang the bucket directly into the traverses designed for the purpose.

  3. Multifunctional lid

    It optically closes the disposal unit and offers additional storage for small items and keys.

  4. Waste sack covers

    The cover of the waste sack ensures an optically closed look and also prevents full waste sacks being overstretched. Thanks to the Velcro attachment, the cover can be easily detached to allow the removal of the full waste sacks.

  5. Extension plates

    The Equipe Hotel trolley is expandable with the addition of one or two extension plates for disposal, the wet wiping system or for transporting the vacuum cleaner.

  6. Shock protection and buffers

    The shock protection prevents damage to the trolley. Alternatively you can choose the version with buffers for additional protection of walls and doors.

  7. Low weight and castors on ball bearings

    Thanks to the low weight and the castors on ball bearings the Equipe Hotel trolley is easy to manoeuvre even when fully loaded.

  8. Shelf dividers

    For storing your small items, these dividers ensure things stay tidy (available with 4 or 8 compartments).

  9. Variability

    The Equipe Hotel trolleys are highly adaptable. They are put together in accordance with your requirements and can be converted at any time.

At a glance

  • Retaining the overview

    Equipment and materials are particularly clearly organised. Therefore optimum use is made of the volume of the cleaning trolley.

  • Easier work

    The low weight of the Equipe Hotel trolley and its castors on ball bearings make it easier to manoeuvre even when fully loaded.

  • Requirements-oriented design and convertibility

    Put together the hotel trolley that is ideal for you in terms of height, size and components. The trolley can be converted at any time and therefore caters perfectly to changing requirements.

  • Sustainability

    VERMOP products are characterised by high-quality material and clever design. This makes them particularly long-lasting.


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Product description

The models of the Equipe Hotel trolley series are characterised particularly by their adaptability. High-quality materials not only ensure an exclusive look, but also guarantee the long service life of this Hotel trolley.

In addition, they offer an above-average spectrum of design and application possibilities in the modular principle.

Application area

  • Cleaning hotel rooms
  • Other cleaning tasks in hotels, e.g. lobby, restaurant, conference rooms, etc.
  • Laundry supply and disposal
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