Practical aids

It is often the clever little solutions that make all the difference in the everyday cleaning environment. Complete your cleaning system with the VERMOP accessories, for example, the Satellit cleaning jacket for taking cloths and spray bottles along to where they are needed.

Edge and wall-cleaning device

Ideal for the powerful removal of stubborn dirt or encrustations or for cleaning walls and tiles. Use the edge-cleaning device to clean inaccessible areas in corners, on skirting boards, under cookers, etc. Tip: Practical for deep-cleaning floors, loosens build-up at edges and under radiators.

Choose between the white gentle pad for delicate surfaces and the brown pad for powerful scrubbing.

Door stopper

Keeps all doors open to you! Particularly stable thanks to profiled rubber base. Protects doors. Long handle for fast and ergonomic placement without bending over. Can be transported in equipment holder on trolley.

Water filling device

Easy on the back – Takes the pressure off your back – No more lifting heavy containers. Saves time and cuts out return trips to the utility room for refills. Thanks to the universal cap, compatible with most water taps – suitable all types of containers.

Pressure pump sprayer

The pressure pump sprayer is ideal for spray cleaning, for example for removing spots of dirt or for cleaning stairs. Stable and durable thanks to high-quality material.

Trigger bottle

The trigger bottle is used for spray cleaning surfaces. Small and compact, it lies well in the hand and can be taken along, for example in the Satellit cleaning jacket. Durable Canyon spray nozzle, available in blue for spraying or in red for foaming acid-based cleaners.


The Wringboy is the solution for thorough cleaning of small areas. The compact bucket has a practical integrated wringer for flat mops. Combine the Wringboy, for example, with a Sprint Plus holder and Sprint mop, and you have a complete set for cleaning kitchenettes or small premises. Also fits on the AquvaVIZ compact trolley.

Satellit cleaning jacket

Satellit jackets for taking along cloths, spray bottles and other accessories during the cleaning process. Cuts down on trips to the cleaning trolley. Available in various colours.

Glove mop

The glove mop is used in all those places where fast and thorough cleaning, wiping or dusting is required.

The glove mop are available in three different qualities:

White Magic

High-quality microfibre plush for damp cleaning


Microfibre for dry cleaning and dusting


Cleans structured of heavily-soiled surfaces with  bristle stripes

Radiator cleaner

Practical solution for cleaning the ribs of radiators. Brush cover with bristles loosens dirt, microfibre plush removes it. Hygienic and economical solution as the cover can be removed and washed.

Safety hanging sign

With the safety hanging sign, you effectively close areas, for example, the sanitation area, to the public while you clean. Thanks to telescope mechanism, fits all door widths from 76 cm to 133 cm. Suction cups on the ends protect door frames and ensure durability.

Warning sign

The warning sign is indispensable on every cleaning trolley. Clearly visible warning to the public that cleaning is in progress in this area. Quick to set up and return to the trolley.

Laundry nets

The VERMOP laundry net is ideal for holding soiled cloths and mops on the trolley as well as for laundering. Fits all VERMOP cleaning trolleys. The nets are made of hard-wearing polyester netting and available in different sizes and colours.

Disposal sacks

Disposal sacks are used for waste disposal, for example for the removal of paper, soiled textiles or as a reinforcement and cover for plastic disposal sacks. They therefore enhance the cleaning trolley. The disposal sacks are made of hard-wearing nylon. They are washable and available in different colours.

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