1. LockStrip with Pad

    With its double feature, the LockStrip with Pad is conceived for double use. One side in plush quality for soaping, the other side with scratch-free pad for removing course dirt. LockStrip with Pad makes a convincing impact on stubborn soiling such as bird droppings or dried-on dirt. The snap fastener or Velcro on the inside prevents scratches to the surface being cleaned.

  2. TopLock T-Bar

    The ergonomic grip protects the ball of the hand. Simple and safe use of the non-slip rubber-coated grip even with wet hands.

  3. High-quality materials

    Due to the careful processing of high-quality stainless steel and non-slip plastic, the grip of the soaper has no sharp edges. For safe work and the protection of glass surfaces.

  4. LockStrip

    LockStrip has the right alternative for every cleaning profile. For standard use, the cover in synthetic plush with microfibre content guarantees convincing soaping performance and holds 20% more water due to its high fibre density. LockStrip covers are available with two attachment methods (either with snap fasteners or with Velcro strip) and can be washed at up to 60° C.

At a glance

  • Protects the ball of the hand

    The ergonomic grip of the TopLock T-Bar protects the ball of the hand.

  • Problem-free use

    Simple and safe use of the non-slip rubber-coated grip even with wet hands.

  • Choice of attachment methods

    The LockStrip covers are available with snap fasteners and with Velcro strip.

  • Soaping and removal of course dirt

    LockStrip with pad is designed for both soaping and for the removal of course dirt.


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Product description

The window cleaning systems from TopLock are quality products to meet the highest standards. Selected materials such as profiled aluminium, glass fibre, reinforced plastic and stainless steel are processed with the absolute precision of innovative engineering. A unique locking system guarantees safe stick guiding and fast locking. So you work highly flexibly, with maximum safety. The future-oriented window cleaning systems ideally combine optimum economy, quality, ergonomics and functionality. Constant further development and innovation as well as service and delivery reliability are plus points that make the TopLock so convincing.

Application area

  • Glass cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning smooth surfaces
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