Sanitation Cleaning

Clean and attractive sanitation areas are the visiting card for every well-run premises. VERMOP offers you clever products to put a shine on your sanitation areas.

Tasks and challenges

Sanitary facilities are generally heavily-frequented and visitors come into direct skin contact with many surfaces. This makes the importance of a thorough and hygienic cleaning all the greater. Additional challenges are presented by the variety of surface materials, e.g. safety tiles on the floor. Soiling occurs in places which are difficult to access for cleaning. Dispensers and supplies have to be replenished and the products transported to where they are needed. In addition, colour-coded cleaning of the surfaces in the sanitation area is to be recommended in order to achieve hygienic results.

The VERMOP solution

In this section you will find suggested products for tackling the challenges of daily sanitation cleaning described above. Please note that this is only a selection. We would be pleased to advise you on the configuration of an individual solution for your premises.

Our suggested products

Floor cleaning

Twix 30 cm System

The Twix 30 cm floor washing system is ideal for cleaning smaller sanitation facilities up to an area of 200 qm or for individual bathrooms and WCs, e.g. in hotels or offices. With the small and nifty 30 cm double mop holder, you clean quickly and effectively in stalls and under WCs.

For larger sanitation facilities we recommend the Twixter 40 cm double mop system.

Mop qualities

Double brush mop

For the Twix Brush mop, high-quality microfibre plush is combined with bristle strips. It offers good glide properties on safety tiles, for example in sanitation areas, with outstanding removal and lifting of dirt. The bristle strips also clean crevices thoroughly.

Cleaning trolley


The Shopster is the practical solution for all cleaning tasks and material storage in sanitation facilities. It can be combined with different methods for floor cleaning in the sanitation area (e.g. pre-wash or pour method) and offers up to three buckets for colour-coded surface cleaning. The storage modules provide space for clean mops, for example, as well as paper towels and toilet paper. With its covered look, the Shopster makes a professional appearance in daily cleaning.


Surface cleaning

Textronic & Softtronic 1 cloth

For colour-coded cleaning of the various areas in the sanitation facilities we recommend two high-quality microfibre cloths. The Textronic microfibre high-performance cloth in yellow is ideal for streak-free cleaning of mirrors and glass surfaces. The Softtronic 1 microfibre high-performance cloth in yellow effectively cleans washbasins and taps, in red it is used for WC and urinal cleaning.

Brushes and brooms


The WC set comes into its own in mobile use in all those places where no WC brush is at hand, e.g. in schools or stadiums. The long-handled brush allows ergonomic yet powerful cleaning. Durable bristles ensure good cleaning results every time. After use, the brush can be stowed in the practical bowl and hooked onto the cleaning trolley.

Practical aids - accessories

safety hanging sign

With the safety hanging sign, you effectively close areas off to the public while cleaning is in progress, for example, the sanitation area.

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