School and kindergarten cleaning

Cities and local authorities have only a limited budget available for school and kindergarten cleaning. Yet children should be offered an ideal educational and developmental environment. This makes it all the more important to find efficient cleaning solutions for these areas and to purchase durable equipment which will retain its value for years.


As wet-cleaning intervals have been extended, numerous schools have begun the practice of dry wiping classrooms and corridors between times. Surface cleaning involves having to wipe plastic furniture, or in some cases furniture still made of wood, quickly and effectively. Large quantities of paper waste have to be disposed of and numerous supplies such as toilet paper and paper towels have to be transported to where they are needed.


Here you will find product suggestions for school and kindergarten cleaning. Please note that this is only a selection. We would be pleased to advise you on putting together an individual solution for your premises.

Our product suggestions

Floor cleaning

Scandic dry floor cleaning

With the Scandic dry floor cleaning system, loose dry dirt can be lifted quickly and simply. With the double-sided nifty holder combined with the Ceran microfibre cover, cleaning between chairs and tables is child’s play.

Floor cleaning

Sprint System

The Sprint system comes into use for wet cleaning of large or heavily-soiled areas. The light holder simply glides over the floor. Dirt is ideally removed with the Tronic Mop with microfibre content. For sanitation areas, the Brush cover is used which shows it strength on highly-structured areas.

Waste disposal

Paper trolley X-Wagen

With the VERMOP X-Wagen paper trolley large quantities of paper waste, e.g. from classrooms or staff rooms or from the copying room can be disposed of quickly and comfortably. The optional textile disposal sack is re-usable and cuts down on plastic waste – at the same time protecting the environment.


Surface cleaning

Glove Mop White Magic

For cleaning chairs, tables, lockers or the cubicle walls in toilet facilities, VERMOP recommends the Glove mop White Magic. Slightly moistened or used in the spray method, the highly-effective microfibre plush is ideal for cleaning the most varied of surfaces thoroughly and quickly.

Sanitation cleaning


The WC set comes into its own in mobile use in all those places where no WC brush is kept in the toilet facilities to avoid abuse or losses, e.g. schools. The long-handled brush permits ergonomic yet powerful cleaning. When the job is done, the brush is returned to the practical holder for storage and carried along in the cleaning trolley.

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