Personal work protection

Do not eat, drink or smoke while working

This can lead to cleaning products making their way into the human body. No matter how harmless they may appear, cleaning products have no business in the human body.

Please note: The cleaning supplies closet is not a suitable storage place for food.

No food on the cleaning trolley

Food, beverages, sweets, cigarettes, etc. have no business on the cleaning trolley. The danger of a mix-up is too serious, both for the cleaning staff and for outside observers who might mistake the cleaning trolley for a beverage trolley.

Jewellery and hair

Before start of work tie back long hair and take off jewellery (such as watches, rings, long earrings). This is more practical at work, hygienic and provides an optically correct appearance to the customer.

Skin protection & skin care

Skin protection and skin care products are to be used regularly and correctly.

Skin protection: Protects the skin during the entire cleaning process.

Skin care: Helps the regeneration of dry and damaged skin after work.

Wear gloves

Always wear protective gloves when cleaning.

Pull up your gloves

Turn back the tops of the gloves, so that water running downwards can be caught in the "glove flap". This keeps hands and work wear dry.

Clean gloves

Thoroughly wash the surface of the gloves with water and soap.

Remove gloves

Take off the clean gloves and turn them inside out. Use air trapped in the glove to push out the fingers.

Clean the inside

Thoroughly wash the inside of the gloves and your hands with soap and water before rinsing with fresh water. Depending on the area of work, a hand disinfectant can also be used.

Hygienic hand disinfection

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